Primary One Admission

Primary One Admission for September 2024

Stage One: “Discretionary Places Admission” Stage

Application for P.1 “Discretionary Places Admission”
Date of Application Submission:

POA e-platform (ePOA) (Link)

21st – 29th September 2023 11:59pm

Paper Form

25th – 29th September 2023

Time of Application Submission:9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Venue of Application Submission:School Activity Room (Ground Floor)
Points to Note and Required Documents for Application Submission Please click here to view
Release of “Discretionary Places Admission” results
Date of Release:

20th November 2023

 (Parents can contact the school in the morning for admission results)

Registration Procedures for “Discretionary Places Admission”
Date of Registration:22nd – 23rd November 2023
Points to Note and Required Documents for Registration: Please click here to view

Click to learn about our P.1 Bridging Course

Stage Two: “Central Allocation” Stage

(Children who have not been offered a discretionary place will participate in the central allocation.)

Participation in the “Central Allocation”
To make Choices of Schools:27th – 28th January 2024
Release of “Central Allocation” results
Date of Release:

5th – 6th June 2024

  • Results of the central allocation will be sent to parents by post using door-to-door delivery service or via SMS message.
  • Parents can check the results via ePOA from 10 am of 5th June 2024.
Registration Procedures for “Central Allocation”
Date of Registration:11th – 13th June 2024
Points to Note and Required Documents for Registration:

To be uploaded

Application for Primary One Waiting List

Our school accepts application for Primary One Waiting List in June each year. Interested parents please download and fill in the Application Form for Primary One Waiting List. The duly completed form together with the required documents shall be handed in to the school before the specified date for further processing.



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