NCS Support (非華語學生教育支援)


MOI in Chinese lessons

  • 一至二年級(粵語)

P1-2: Cantonese

  • 三至六年級(讀文教學:普通話,其他例如說話、聆聽、作文:粵語)

P3-6: A mix of Cantonese and Mandarin 


School support to parents

  • 中英文通告

All major school circulars available in English language

  • 學校提供英文版常識書幫助家長協助學生學習(如需要)

Provide supplement materials for parents to support students’ learning,

   e.g. the English version of General Studies textbooks


Learning support to NCS students

  • 教學助理/教師入班支援

    Assigning a teaching assistant to support NCS students’ learning in class

  • 課後功課輔導

    After-school homework remedial class

  • 中文增潤班

    Regular after-school Chinese learning group

  • 週六及暑期中文增潤班

    Saturday/ Summer Chinese learning group


Test and Examination Support for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

  • 抽離考試:中文、數學、常識、倫理宗教、音樂

    Pull-out examinations: Chinese, Mathematics, General Studies, Religious Education, Music

  • 安排老師在中文、數學、常識、倫理宗教、音樂、資訊科技、體育、普通話測考時進行簡單翻譯

    Simple translations shall be provided by teachers during test and examinations: Chinese, Mathematics, General Studies, Religious Education, Music, Information Technology, Physical Education and Putonghua


Extra-curricular activities for NCS students

  • 速疊杯反應班、水墨畫班、卡通漫畫班、LEGO創意班、DIY飾物製作班、輕黏土製作班

    Fast Cup class, Chinese brush painting class, cartoon drawing class, LEGO builder, DIY accessories class, etc.

    2021-2022 為非華語學生提供的教育支援 (Education Support Provided for NCS Students)

    《小學概覽》(Primary School Profiles)

    中文版 (Chinese)

    英文版 (English)